Privacy Policy

How we collect personal data and what we do with it.

This policy applies to Xbox.

Collecting Data

We aim to collect as little personal data as possible about our visitors and members.

We DO NOT collect information from our users about their age, sex, location, income, relationship or employment status, or other personal data for marketing purposes.

Account holders ARE NOT obliged to give Xbox their real names and they are allowed to use nicknames or pseudonyms when posting to the website and when registering an account.

Account holders ARE obliged to supply a valid email address, but Xbox does not ask for, or otherwise collect, any other personal information during the registration process. Account holders email addresses are not displayed publicly on the website, except where posted in messages by our users, but ARE be included in Private Messages users send to other account holders and when sharing content with non-members by email.

Account holders ARE NOT obliged to use their own picture for their avatar and may use any picture that complies with our Terms and Conditions regarding acceptable content.

Account holders MAY choose to furnish their profiles with links to other websites they use such as their personal blogs or social media profiles on Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™ etc. that can reveal personal information about the account holder. This is entirely optional and not a requirement of using Xbox.

Posting Messages

All messages that are posted are made public and are viewable to any visitor of the website except for Private Messages.

For the purposes of preventing and detecting abuse (such as spamming, threatening or bullying behaviour etc.) we DO record IP addresses when users register accounts or post messages.

Sharing Personal Data

We don't. Unless compelled by law, no user data is ever shared with any third party. Even then, it is not possible for Xbox to share, sell or otherwise redistribute private data it does not have - which is why we don't collect it in the first place.


By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

We use a limited number of cookies for the following purposes:

  • To allow account holders to login and post messages.
  • To assist account holders when logging in.
  • For statistical purposes to determine if a visitor is a new or repeat visitor.
  • To acknowledge a user has viewed our cookie notice in accordance with EU law.

Please be aware that some carefully chosen third-party advertising such as Google's Adsense™ program may attempt to set cookies in your browser as part of it's functionality. Third-party websites that host embedded content such as embedded YouTube™ videos, Tweets and Instagram Posts might also set third-party cookies.

External websites

Xbox contains links to news, videos, podcasts, items for sale, and other content on third-party websites. Third-party websites have their own policies so please examine the privacy policies of those websites to understand how they use your data.

We use cookies minimally and in a responsible way. To find out more click here